Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sample Letter Introducing Yourself as a Nanny

Dear Ma'am,

I am Yuna Lanesworth. I saw your ad at the Sunshine Daycare looking for a stay-in Nanny for your toddler. As you've heard the Marsdale family are moving to Van Nuys, and I've worked for them as a full-time nanny for 5 years now. I'm still looking after their eldest Daniel until the end of the month, which is their final week here. Mrs Marsdale will welcome any call from you with regards to my care and duties as a nanny. I also have have other references which includes Teacher Maria from Sunshine Daycare. If you have any questions or concerns, I would welcome an interview and gladly answer them over coffee.

Thank you,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cover Letter for College Graduate Seeking Assistant Position

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I am writing this letter in response to the job posting on your website for the Assistant position. I recently graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Management and minor in Accountancy. Having said that, I may not be as experienced as the other applicants but I bring with me notable skills which I believe will be beneficial to the company. During my college years, I was one of the few students selected to undergo a rigorous internship program under the Swansea Business Scholars programme and on my senior year, I was given the collegiate entrepreneur award for my performance. These experiences have particularly helped me improve on my time management and problem solving skills.

With this, I would like to express my intention in applying for your company. I am highly confident that I will gain much hands-on exposure especially in the area of marketing and office management. Please see attached files for my CV, transcript of records and recent 2x2 photo.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much.

Gemma Neuman

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cover Letter for Drywall Painter

Hello Home Repair Services,

My name is Dave Reese and I am a Professional Drywall Painter. I worked on a house a few weeks back with Pat McHale of Plumbers on Duty and he gave me a heads up that you need a new drywall paint and repair guy.

I have made a living the last 4 years patching and sealing holes in drywalls, doing various interior & exterior painting jobs in the VC area. Personally I'm all about quality when working with different surfaces and creating custom finishes. I know my paint and primers well, and use sprayers and brushes appropriately. I have good distance and color vision. I can carry heavy loads and I have a driver's license. If you need an extra man on the team, do give me a call.

Larry Bosch

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cover Letter for Dishwasher on Cruise Ship

Dear Miss Jenkins,

I learned about your opening for a shipboard Dishwasher, I am forwarding my resume for your review and consideration.

Since 2012, I have worked as a Dishwasher and Kitchen Utility Staff. I maintain proper operation of industrial dish washing machine and mindfully practice Clean-As-You-Go procedures throughout all shifts.I handle the stack and store inventory of all dish wares, glassware, silverware and cooking utensils (including breakages and restock requests). I am a capable, take-charge individual when it comes to my duties and I have the initiative to assist other stations whenever possible. I am confident that I would be a strong member in your cruise ship kitchen staff.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very Truly Yours,
Henrik Mansel

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thank You Letter After Getting Hired

When you finally get accepted for a job, saying your Thank Yous will still open doors for future opportunities.


Dear Miss Crichlow,

I want you to be among the first to know that my job search has come to a very successful conclusion. I have accepted the position of Marketing Associate at the South Hilton.

I appreciate all the help and support you have provided over the last several months. It has made the job search process  much easier for me. I look forward to staying in contact with you. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the future.

Thank you.

Lou Letts

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cover Letter for Transcriptionist

Dear HR Manager,

I saw your ad and am very interested in applying for the position of Transcriptionist. I am currently employed as a Transcript Specialist at Media Insider News. I have done general transcriptions, mostly interviews, conference calls, seminars, and court hearings and sermons. I’ been doing transcription jobs since 2010. My usual TAT for a 10-min audio file is one (1) hour. I am open to address any queries that you may have regarding my application.

Thank you,


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cover Letter for Manufacturing Marketing Specialist

Dear Hiring Manager,

If you are seeking someone with the work ethic of an industry professional, then I am your top choice for Senior Manufacturing Marketing Specialist for MassMarket Foods Inc.

I fully understand the complexities of entering the food and packaging industry in China. As more and more foreign-owned companies want to adapt their strategies to local market conditions in China without alienating cultural sensitivities. I can push for a more cultural approach with the right market fit, I can be that strategic partner to establish your presence in China. I also have Six-Sigma certification and putting such Six-Sigma methods in ISO and quality into full use in all production activities.

If I sound like the person you need at  MassMarket Foods Inc, then contact me right away to discuss the opportunity. I will take the liberty of contacting you on Monday at 10am to briefly screen my qualifications and arrange our interview.

Your Truly,

Cagney Wallace

Monday, October 7, 2013

4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Writing your Cover Letter

Cover letters provide employers a greater sense of what you have to offer as an employee. A cover letter should highlight your skills, provide insight on your expertise and years of experience.

But creating a cover letter should not be an exercise in insufferable arrogance, sure you have to list down your achievements to advance yor candidacy, but the manner its written should be given some thought as well, so not as to come off as insufferable. You can define your achievements succinctly by defining the steps of how you got there, what you did, the level of hardwork involved and how well you did it.

Here are some reminders when writing your coverletter:

1. Tailor the cover letter to the job you are targeting. This is to show that you've done your homework, that you are actually gunning for the position and not merely sending out a cover letter of interest such as an email blast or a job query.

2. Only include information relevant to the job you are seeking. Do exclude personal interests, extra curriculars or achievements not in line with the jobs- (e.g. putting your award as 'Fastest Hands at the Assembly line' would not look too ideal if your trying out for a job as a precision watchmaker) Learn to edit and leave out the unnecessary.

3. Clearly establish why you are writing the cover letter and the outcome you hope to achieve. Ask for the next step in the process clearly and without apology or arrogance. This demonstrates your energy and enthusiasm for the position. In this day and age, leave your email address beneath your phone number as initial contact is often by email.

4. Before sending out any cover letters, check your Facebook account and clean up your profile. You don't want drunk instagram pics or unprofessional photos of you to be the deal breaker. As much as we feel our Facebook profiles are private and should not be the concern of employers, it is the unfortunate reality that background checks are done this way now. And they never fail to uncover some unsightly impressions not found on your resume.

Check it Out!

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